World Earth Day 2022

World earth day or International Earth day is officially celebrated on April 22 of every year. This annual day event is often a sign of goodness as it is celebrating our beautiful blue planet Earth .

Since the day Richard Nixon, the former president of the United States of America fixed the date, calling out millions of people to come protest on the Capitol streets and at that moment, 10 million Americans walked in protest of the pollution and destruction of the groundwater and base earth contamination due to hazardous materials in the earth’s crust. President Richard Nixon was the only president who had the honour to name April 22 as World Earth Day, and the celebration has struck ever since. Today on April 22 of 2022 , The world earth day has been in practice for 52 years and today marks it’s commemorative 52nd anniversary. Eduworld corporation with over 70 branches in and around Asia has been an advocate of green energy products and the need to save groundwater depletion and save water and electricity. For water conservation, we have ground water and rain water harvesting facilities in all our campuses . We save electricity by cutting down our use and soon before 2040 , we have ambitions to move into completely solar or other natural source of energy. We have already gone completely LED lighting on our campuses and offices around the world. Solar power systems are also I  our minds to use in our school and college campus as schools, colleges all function on a 9am-5pm basis hinting that all fans, lights, and all computers can work on direct solar energy as we have our campus mostly in tropical areas ( where sunlight is present around 75 ℅ of days in any given year) , giving us the advantage of going 90℅ solar in all our schools and colleges.

This year, we have rightly adopted the theme along with other top universities and international organisation, that is – nvest in our planet, which means to find technology and tools that are solar or anything against fossil fuels. We have taken Apple campus in California, one infinite loop, that has been designed by the tech visionary genius, Steve jobs, who had built a lush campus with complete solar system around it’s loop. We also have a fine campus like Saint Xavier’s Bangalore at Queens road, under our sleeves to show as an exemplary example .  We must ensure complete solar and wind mills energy that can guide us with maximum power supply and henceforth put an end to air pollution, by opting to go all electric with companies like Tesla, Mercedes in the four and six wheelers segment and  Piaggio, Ather Energy in the two wheelers segment , our days of running  behind fossil fuel are over. Even solar impulse, an aircraft running on solar energy is making it’s flight around the world. This is proof that the world will soon go over it’s days of destruction and create a new age of green energy, yielding green alternative in all phases of life. Eduworld wishes you all a merry earth day 2022.

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