The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course is a rigorous undergraduate program that prepares students for a career in medicine. The importance of the MBBS degree lies in its role as the foundational qualification for individuals aspiring to become medical professionals. The curriculum encompasses a comprehensive study of medical sciences, clinical skills, and practical training, allowing students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose, treat, and prevent various medical conditions. Successful completion of the MBBS program is a prerequisite for further specialization through postgraduate studies and eventual practice as a licensed medical practitioner. The significance of MBBS education cannot be overstated, as it equips individuals with the expertise needed to contribute to healthcare and make a positive impact on the well-being of individuals and communities.

Duration: 4.5 + 1 Year Internship

1. Father Mullers Medcial College Mangalore
2. MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore
3. Vydehi Medical College Bangalore
4. KIMS Medical College Bangalore
5. KLE Medical College Belgaum
6. KMC Manipal
7. KMC Mangalore
8. Bapuji Medical College Davangere
9. MVJ Medical College Bangalore
10. Raja Rajeswari Medical College Bangalore
11. AJ Medical College Mangalore
12. Sapthagiri Medical College Bangalroe
13. Aakash Medical College Bangalore
14. Srinivasa Medical College Mangalore
15. Oxford Medical College Bangalore

1. MGM Navi Mumbai
2. Dy Patil Navi Mumbai
3. Dy Patil Pune
4. Dy Patil Kolhapur
5. Bharathi Vidyapeeth Pune
6. Bharathi Vidyapeeth Sangli
7. Krishna Medical College Karad (Border to Karnataka)
8. MGM Aurangabad

1. KPC Medical College Kolkata
2. IQ City Medical College Durgapur
3. I-Care Medical College Haldia
4. Gouri Devi Medical College Kolkata

1. SRM Medical College Chennai
2. Sree Ramachandra Medical College Chennai
3. Chettinadu Medical College Chennai
4. PSG Medical College Coimbatore
5. Karpagam Medical College Coimbatore
6. PIMS Pondicherry
7. MGM Pondicherry
8. Gouri Devi Medical College Kolkata

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