An engineering course typically spans four years, leading to a bachelor’s degree, and involves the application of scientific and mathematical principles to design, analyze, and develop solutions for real-world problems. Engineering courses are crucial for fostering innovative thinking, problem-solving skills, and technical expertise. The importance of engineering education lies in its ability to prepare students for a wide range of industries, from technology and infrastructure to healthcare and environmental sustainability. Graduates of engineering programs contribute significantly to society by designing and implementing solutions that address global challenges, making engineering education an indispensable component in shaping the future of technology and innovation.

1. RV College of Engineering
3. BMS College of Engineering
4. VIT Pune
5. MIT Pune
6. Rachana Sansad Mumbai
7. PESIT Bangalore
8. Thadomal Sahni College of Engineering Mumbai
9. Rizvi College of Engineering Mumbai
10. Mukesh Patil College of Engineering Mumbai
11. DG Sangvi College of Engineering Mumbai
13. Rajive Gandhi College of Engineering Mumbai
14. MS Ramaiah College of Engineering Bangalore
15. TKM College of Engineering Kollam Kerala
16. PSG College of Engineering Coimbatore
17. SRM College of Engineering Chennai
18. SYMBIOSIS International University Pune

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