The MD/MS (Doctor of Medicine/Master of Surgery) course is a postgraduate medical program that provides specialized training in various medical disciplines. The duration of the MD/MS course typically ranges from 3 to 5 years, depending on the specialization. The MD/MS degree holds immense importance in the medical field as it allows doctors to deepen their knowledge, gain expertise in a specific area, and become specialists in fields such as surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, and more. It enhances career prospects, opens up opportunities for research, and contributes significantly to advancements in healthcare.

Duration : 3 Years

1. Dermatology
2. Radiology (MDRD)
3. General Medicine
4. Paediatrics
6. Emergency Medicine

1. Orthopaedic
2. OBG
3. General Surgery
4. Opthalmology
5. Anesthesia
6. ENT

1. Father Mullers Medcial College Mangalore
2. MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore
3. Vydehi Medical College Bangalore
4. KIMS Medical College Bangalore
5. KLE Medical College Belgaum
6. KMC Manipal
7. KMC Mangalore
8. Bapuji Medical College Davangere
9. MVJ Medical College Bangalore
10. Raja Rajeswari Medical College Bangalore
11. AJ Medical College Mangalore
12. Sapthagiri Medical College Bangalroe

1. MGM Navi Mumbai
2. Dy Patil Navi Mumbai
3. Dy Patil Pune
4. Dy Patil Kolhapur
5. Bharathi Vidyapeeth Pune
6. Bharathi Vidyapeeth Sangli
7. Krishna Medical College Karad (Border to Karnataka)
8. MGM Aurangabad

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