World Post Day- October 9th

The 9th of October is designated as World Post Day. In order to commemorate the anniversary of the formation of the Universal Postal Union in 1874, the event was first established by the 1969 Universal Postal Congress in Tokyo.

World Post Day in 2022 will have the theme “Post for Planet.” To ensure a greener earth for future generations, Posts are already improving numerous aspects of regular business. The artwork for this year’s campaign reflects a condensed visual statement on the Post’s contribution to an environmentally sustainable future because it would be impossible to depict all of these activities in a single poster. The planet Earth serves as the focal point and exhibits a noticeable separation between day and night. Night and day not only symbolise contrast but also continuation and evolution. Things never stand still on our rotating Earth; they are always in motion. Everywhere on earth, The Post is present. Since the Post can reach people in even the most remote locations on our world to provide a wide range of services to everyone, dashed lines serve as an illustration of the link between distant regions. Green, which is a prominent colour in the design, is frequently initially linked to ecology or the natural world. Green, however, is also a symbol of rebirth and growth. Green is frequently regarded in psychology as a colour of optimism, and in this context, it alludes to fresh starts. Posts strive to provide more sustainably, whether they are sending packages and letters, financial services, social and health services, or humanitarian aid. The World Post Day design for 2022 encourages Posts to keep setting the bar high in this endeavour. The major goal of World Post Day is to increase public awareness of the Post’s function in people’s and businesses’ daily lives as well as its contribution to the social and economic advancement of the world. The UPU encourages its member nations to plan their own national celebrations of the occasion, including opening or promoting new postal goods and services and hosting open days at post offices, sorting facilities, or postal museums. Because several major trends are upending our world, it is critical that we regularly remind ourselves of the part that posts play in our societies today. In this sense, we can see four important developments: First off, the prevalence of the Internet is increasing year over year, changing how people interact, communicate, and conduct business; Additionally, consumers are growing more and more demanding across all industries. In this day of digital and mobile technologies, we desire immediate gratification as well as choice and control; Thirdly, double-digit growth rates are being experienced across most regions in e-commerce and light logistics; And lastly, the global economy and trade are finally picking up steam after years of slow development. Posts must engage in change in this situation if they are to reduce risks and take advantage of opportunities. Redefining their value proposition, embracing digitization, and creating new goods and services are all things they need to do. Along with funding and political support, they also need a suitable regulatory environment for their operations. This change will result in increased customer satisfaction, stronger postal markets, and—most importantly—more cohesive societies.

Edu world spread the message that we must not lose sight of the fact that the postal sector promotes inclusive development and is a vital part of the global economy as nations ramp up their efforts to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It continues to be a crucial platform for providing public services in both the remotest and the busiest places of our world. We will also honour the younger generation, which is continuing to write even in this period of advanced technology. Let’s join forces to stop the unlawful killing, taking, and trading of migratory birds!

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