Forests and sustainable production and consumption

The international day of forest was the launching name for world foresty day in 2013 . The international day was then lifted off as it sounded as a bit hyped. Now, it’s simply known as world foresty day . The theme for the  year is selected by the collaborative Partnership of forests (CPF). The theme for International Day of forest is forest restoration : a path to  recovery and well-being .

Forests conservation is an important step as in healing the planet’s biosphere and it’s biodiverse properties. The flora and fauna are largely depending on these resources that are natural and In abundant in nature. Today at our Eduworld corporate offices , we shall commemorate the world foresty day as a mark of respect to the forests and it’s role on healing the planet and helping us save it so that we get to obtain the unlimited goodness of mother nature. Mother nature shows her love and her endless care by giving us cool shade, fruits from many trees and an abode of so many birds and animals so that it has become a integral cultural heritage of India. The silent valley in manarkhad, Kerala is one great place to notice for study as entomologist swarm across this place to note the presence of rarest insects in it’s tropical rain fall surroundings and I’d a world Heritage Site in respect to that aspect .This is where we can learn that such types of uniqueness is rare and is prevalent in our country. Henceforth, we must support afforestation and cause a change in conservation of forest and sustain all goodness it stands to offer. Eduworld Corporate proudly wishes you a happy world foresty day.!

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