) Fathers are the backbone of the family and our pillars of strength. They are truly special. While we them the whole year we love them, there is also a specific day to celebrate the fatherhood they add to our lives. Our father is our mentor, guide, strength, friend, cheerleader and what not. In various countries Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, including in India. This year it falls on June 19. The origin of Father’s Day is around a story as Grace Golden Clayton wanted to establish Father’s Day for those children who had lost their fathers in a mine explosion. She wanted a day to celebrate and honour their fathers. Mothers are considered to be birth givers who take care of the family and nurture children. Similarly, fathers are the support system of our family. The sacrifices they have done for the family is not widely talked and celebrated. But still the hands are restless every day for shaping our careers and life. Fathers set an example for their children by doing hard work and accomplishing their big feats, and most importantly how they remain calm during tough times. This day provides an opportunity for the children and everyone to show their love and care for their super heroes. They never miss a chance to make us smile and shower all our way through with blessings. It is a fact that fathers mostly are reserved in the sense that they are not much vocal about their emotions and feeling for us. But their shadows and helping hands are always with us. Edu world salutes all the fathers out there who tries to give the best of world to their children. Edu world understand and respects the emotions of the parents and always strives to bring the best for your children in the field of education.

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