14 September World first aid day

First Aid is the word used to describe the assistance given to someone who is in need from illness or harm. Its main objective is to safeguard the life and maintain the state from getting worse. It’s not necessary for medical personnel to be on hand to assist every time. Even regular individuals can assist in an emergency and save a life by administering first aid. Every second Saturday in September is designated as World First Aid Day to increase awareness of how first aid may save lives. The topic of World First Aid Day 2022 is “First Aid and Excluded People,” according to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Its main aim is to raise awareness of how first aid can prevent injuries and save lives, every day and in crisis situation. It also promotes the accessibility of the first aid. In many professions, first aid certification is a requirement for employment. The workplace poses a serious hazard to our health, second only to our homes. For instance, there is a reasonable need for trained first aiders where workers are close to high-powered gear that poses a health concern. For organisations in the community or enterprises that cater to public events, trained first aid professionals are also essential. This includes schools, transportation options, malls, public swimming pools, sports and fitness facilities, and more. First aid is not the purview of medical experts, despite its critical importance in crises. Life preservation is the first aider’s top priority. This entails scanning the emergency scene for threats to oneself, spectators, and the victim, of course. The first stage in the DRSABCD method is to exercise care in case of possible danger. For this DRSABCD method, you can obtain a Basic Life Support chart. First responders would examine the victim’s airway and breathing after verifying whether they are responsive and dialling 000 for emergency medical assistance. All of this is done to keep the patient’s condition steady so that it does not deteriorate while they are waiting for medical help to arrive.

The first responder would accomplish this by offering comfort and first aid care. The wounded would be placed safely and comfortably, and further injury would be prevented. In order to reduce discomfort and boost the patient’s confidence, the first responder would seek to administer first aid. These are crucial actions in aiding the healing process. These three Ps are crucial in providing victims with emergency care and aid first responders in prioritising their tasks. First aid instruction instils the courage to act when an emergency arises. Effective first aid can avert permanent impairment or save a life when administered quickly.

Edu world believes that “Risk reduction is quite valuable”. And avoidance is preferable to cure. First aid knowledge attunes your senses to be alert to, and to identify, potential hazards, both in the home and in the workplace. This enables you, as a first responder, to choose the best course of action to reduce risk, including evaluating safe emergency responses should they be required.

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