14 September Hindi Divas

In India, September 14 is observed as Hindi Diwas each year. To stop the rising tendency is one of the reasons we celebrate this day. Hindi is being ignored in favour of the nation’s use of English. Devanagari-written Hindi was chosen as the nation’s official language. On September 14th, 1949, India became the Republic. Kaka Kalelkar, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Maithili Sharan Gupta, and Seth Govindadas significantly influenced the official status of Hindi. language. In 1953, the first Hindi Day was observed. English is the second official language, after Hindi (Article 343 of the Constitution). Another eighth schedule language is Hindi. The “Directive for development of the Hindi language” is covered by Article 351. Not a classical language, Hindi. Hindi Diwas is a holiday commemorating the day that Hindi became the national language. Every year, it is also marked to emphasise the value of Hindi and to promote it among the generation that is overly taken with the English language. It serves as a method of teaching the youth about their origins. If we stay rooted and in tune with our roots, we remain unshakeable no matter how far we reach or what we accomplish. The day unites us with the citizens of our nation and serves as a reminder of who we really are. Hindi Diwas is one such day that instils us with a patriotic spirit. In today’s society, it is important to maintain one’s language, culture, and values wherever one may be. There is a preference for English, which is widely recognised and utilised and is also one of India’s official languages. This day serves as a tiny reminder that Hindi is also our official language and is just as significant.

After the nation gained its independence, the Central government, in accordance with Article 351 of the constitution a number of strategies were created under the Constitution to advance and promote Hindi. The giving initiative under these goals, a push for Hindi education in the nation was initiated. With Hindi gaining recognition the effort of Hindi education received the needed push as an Official Language. When Hindi is used when Devanagari script was made an official language of the Union, the educational system was sure to be impacted situation in the nation. The government was now required to provide instruction in Hindi to the central government officers. The Department of Official Language issued the necessary directives in May 1992, as per the recommendation in the third part of the Committee’s Report, stating that all training, regardless of length of time, should be provided in Hindi. This was done so that after receiving training in Hindi, employees would find it simple to complete their original official work in Hindi.

Edu world celebrated the Hindi Diwas at its very core. Even though English is a widely used language and its significance cannot be understated, we must never lose sight of the fact that we are first and foremost Indians and must respect our native tongue. Hindi’s designation as an official language demonstrates how much the nation’s leaders appreciate their heritage and how much they want their citizens to share that value.

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