World Animal Welfare Day- October 4th

World Animal Welfare Day is observed annually on October 4. It is done to honour the bond that exists between people and animals. We are all aware that animals are an essential component of our ecosystem. Not only do they provide us with support and make our lives better, but they also teach us what friendship really means. As a result, we can commemorate their existence on this day. This day is observed worldwide without regard to religion, caste, colour, beliefs, or ideology. For those who love and care for God’s wonderful creations, this is a special day. The celebration of animal welfare day involves numerous groups, charities, schools, and animal welfare organizations. This day is observed to improve the lives and conditions of animals all over the world and to stop the slaughter of animals. Various communities, clubs, and welfare organizations opposed to cruel treatment of animals are supported. Numerous events are held to raise public awareness of animal issues and inspire people to protect animals in their immediate environment. Heinrich Zimmermann, a German author and publisher of the magazine Mensch und Hund/Man and Dog, came up with the concept for World Animal Day. He started World Animal Day in Berlin on March 24, 1925, and moved it to October 4 for the first time in 1929.At first, only Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia had a following for him. Zimmermann put in a lot of effort each year to promote World Animal Day. In the end, his proposal to make October 4th World Animal Day a worldwide holiday was unanimously accepted at a congress of the world’s animal protection organizations in Florence, Italy, in May 1931. Wild animals and plants have intrinsic value and contribute to sustainable development as well as the ecological, genetic, social, economic, educational, cultural, recreational, and aesthetic aspects of human well-being. World Wildlife Day is a chance to celebrate the many beautiful and varied species of wild flora and fauna and to draw attention to the many benefits that their conservation brings to people. The Day also serves as a timely reminder of the importance of intensifying efforts to combat wildlife crime and human-caused species extinction, which have far-reaching effects on society, the environment, and the economy. Sustainable Development Goal 15 focuses on halting the loss of biodiversity in light of these various negative effects. As a means of bringing attention to the conservation status of some of the wild fauna and flora species that are considered to be among the most critically endangered, World Wildlife Day will be observed in 2022 with the theme “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.” This will encourage discussions toward the creation and implementation of strategies for conserving these species. This is in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, and 15, which make extensive commitments to reducing poverty, ensuring the sustainable use of resources, and protecting life on land. Over 8,400 wild flora and fauna species are thought to be critically endangered, and nearly 30,000 more are thought to be endangered or vulnerable. Over a million species may be in danger of extinction, according to these estimates. As a result, World Wildlife Day in 2022 will focus on the urgent need to help save the most critically endangered species, restore their habitats and ecosystems, and encourage humanity to use them sustainably. Numerous events are held to spread the message of animal love and peace. Under the banner of World Animal Welfare Day, animal lovers, activists, and organizations are invited to raise awareness.

Edu world on this day spread awareness about the importance of animal welfare. This day should be celebrated by everyone for a single purpose that transcends all human differences: to promote animal rights worldwide.

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