National Epilepsy Day- 17th November

In India, National Epilepsy Day is observed on November 17 each year to increase understanding of the condition. Periodic “fits” or “seizures” are a defining feature of the chronic brain disorder epilepsy. Seizures are brought on by abrupt, uncontrollable electric currents in the neurons. The illness can affect anyone at any time, and every age group has various problems and concerns. There are an estimated 50 million epileptics worldwide, 80% of whom live in poor countries, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Despite the fact that epilepsy is treatable, three-quarters of individuals affected in developing countries do not receive the required care. There are roughly 10 million epileptic seizures in India each year. In an effort to reduce the prevalence of epilepsy in India, the Epilepsy Foundation of India established National Epilepsy Day. The Epilepsy Foundation of India was established in 2009 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, by Dr. Nirmal Surya. The non-profit Epilepsy Foundation of India’s goals are to change societal attitudes toward epilepsy and to enhance the quality of life for people who experience seizures. To increase public awareness of epilepsy, 2022 will be the first National Epilepsy Day. National Epilepsy Day will be observed in 2022 by a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations to increase public awareness of the causes and symptoms of epilepsy. In 2022, we can actively participate in National Epilepsy Day, encourage our friends to do the same, and work to help others.

Edu world allocate the awareness about this day, as it may leave you with great threat in your life. Timely diagnosis and treatment are key terms to deal with Epilepsy.

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